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Alim Program

Alim Program: 

This program consists of part-time classes catered towards individuals who wish to study Islam while working full time or taking care of a family. The curriculum includes two years of training in the Arabic language, followed by in depth study of well-known books of fiqh, hadeeth and other subjects. Classes take place on weeknights and Sundays.  Tuition for the 2023-2024 Academic year is $1,500.  Below is a listing of the books studied by level and the current Academic year schedule.

Class Schedule:

Click here to download the schedule:  2023-2024 Alim Schedule

Holiday Schedule 2023-2024:

New Academic Year:  9/6/23

Break:  10/8-10/9

Fall Break:  11/23/23-11/26/23

Winter Break:  12/22/23 – 1/1/24

Spring Break:  3/3/24-3/9/24

Ramadan: 3/10/24-4/9/24 (estimated - will be based on moonsighting)

Eidul Fitr: 4/10/24-4/14/24

Memorial Day: 5/26/24-5/27/24

Eidul Adha: 6/15/24-6/22/24

July 4th:  7/4/24-7/7/24

Ashura: 7/16/24- or 7/17/24 (estimated - will be based on moonsighting)

Last day of classes:  8/8/24

Click here to download the Holiday Schedule 2023-2024:  2023-2024 Holiday Schedule

Class Description:

Level 1:  Sarf 1 (Arabic Morphology), Qasas 1 (Stories of the Prophets), Nahw 1 (Arabic Syntax/Grammar), Ten Lessons of Arabic, Duroosol Lugha 1 (Arabic), Tajweed & Reading 1

Level 2:  Sarf 2 (Arabic Morphology), Qasas 2 (Stories of the Prophets), Nahw 2 (Arabic Syntax/Grammar), Zad al-Talibeen, Nur al-Idah (Fiqh), Duroosul Lugha 2 (Arabic), Tajweed & Reading 2

Level 3:  Sharh Miata Amil (Arabic Syntax/Grammar), Qasas 3 (Stories of the Prophets), Adabul Mufrad, Quduri 1A (Fiqh), Quduri (Fiqh), Aqeedah Tahawiyyah (Creed)

Level 4:  Qasas 4 (Stories of the Prophets), Usool Shashi 1A (Principles of Jurisprudence), Fawzul Kabeer (Quran), Jalalayn (Quran),  Qudoori (Fiqh), Mabaadi ul Usool (Principles of Jurisprudence)

Level 5:  Hidayah 1A (Fiqh), Hidayah 1B, Usool Hadith, Mishkaat 1A (Hadith), Mishkaat 1B, Usul Shashi 2A (Principles of Jurisprudence), Usul Shashi 2B, Jalalayn 2A (Quran), Jalalayn 2B

Level 6:  Hidayah 2A (Fiqh), Hidayah 2B, Mishkaat 2A (Hadith), Mishkaat 2B, Jalalayn 3A (Quran), Jalalayn 3B

Level 7:  Hidayah 3A (Fiqh), Hidayah 3B, Mishkaat 3A (Hadith), Mishkaat 3B, Usool Hadith 2

Level 8:  Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Sunan Nasai

Level 1 has a prerequisite program.  More information is available here:  Gateway to Learning.  If you would like to test out of the preparatory program, please e-mail

A full course description showing details of each module is available here:  Alim Program Modules

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