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Spiritual Discourses

Spiritual Discourses

The heart is an organ that is meant to be in a constant state of calmness. This peace and tranquility is obtained by the remembrance of God (dhikr). The best way to rejuvenate the soul and nourish the heart is to be in a constant state of dhikr. If we examine the trials and tribulations throughout the world, we will realize that the root cause is a diseased heart. If all hearts were pure, the injustices and oppression that we witness today will be gone. If we want to change our world, we must change the condition of our inward state. When one contemplates on the limitless world through dhikr and increases in beneficial knowledge (‘ilm), one’s concerns become more focused on the next world. In our weekly gatherings, we learn about the different diseases of the heart. We not only examine their root causes and symptoms, but also have a discussion on the most effective ways to treat the disease in order to restore the heart’s natural purity. Students come as far as Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia to benefit from the teachings and company. If we take the effort to implement what is suggested, we will begin to see changes in our lives, which will spread to our families, our communities, our society, and ultimately the entire world. It is a true blessing and rare opportunity to have this science of purification taught to us from a qualified teacher who understands all the nuances of this special subject.

Time:  Tuesday Nights

No fees required.

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