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Gateway to Learning

Summer Preparatory Program

The Maryland Institute of Development (MID) is excited to announce its Gateway to Learning Program. This course is open to all levels. The course is a prerequisite to the Level 1 Alim Program but can also be taken standalone. The topics covered are (1) Arabic writing Practice  (2) Tajweed basics (Noorani Qaa'idah)  (3)  Quran Reading - select verses  (4) Fiqh basics (Rulings). 

Tuition: $125/month for 3 months (May 17 - August 15, 2023)

Class Schedule:  Classes start May 17th, 2023


  • 1-3 pm Tajweed Application with Maulana Ahsan Quadri

  • 3-4 pm Writing Practice with Maulana Dr. Abdul Munim

Wednesday:  7-8 pm Fiqh with Mufti Masihullah

Thursday:  7-9 pm Quran Reading with Hafiz Suhaib Munim

Holiday Schedule 2023:

Memorial Day: 5/28/23-5/29/23

Eidul Adha: 6/27/23-7/7/23

Ashura: 7/27/23-7/28/23 (estimated - will be based on moonsighting)

Last day of classes:  8/15/23

Level 1 Alim Program:

The Gateway to Learning is a prerequisite for the Level 1 Alim Program.  For more information on the level 1 Alim classes, please visit the Alim program page.  If you have questions about the preparatory program, please e-mail

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