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Islamic Essentials

Islamic Essentials Sanatain: 

The Sanatain program is an intensive course on Islamic Studies that has been exclusively designed for women, men, new Muslims, university students, professionals, and teens who want to learn more about Islam. The aim of the course, which runs over a period of two years, is to provide a holistic approach to Islam and aid in embedding the concepts of Islam into our daily lives. Classes take place on weeknights and Sundays.  Tuition for the 2022-2023 Academic year is $1,500.  Below is a listing of the books studied by level and the current Academic year schedule.

Holiday Schedule 2022-2023:

New Academic Year:  9/15/22

Fall Break:  11/24/22-11/27/22

Winter Break:  12/23/22 – 1/2/23

Spring Break:  3/15/23-3/21/23

Ramadan: 3/22/23-4/21/23 (estimated - will be based on moonsighting)

Eidul Fitr: 4/22/23-4/30/23

Memorial Day: 5/28/23-5/29/23

Eidul Adha: 6/27/23-7/7/23

Ashura: 7/27/23-7/28/23 (estimated - will be based on moonsighting)

Last day of classes:  8/15/23

Click here to download the Holiday Schedule 2022-2023:  2022-2023 Holiday Schedule

Class Description:

Year 1:  Tajweed (Quran Reading), Quran memoritzation, Aqeedah Tahawiyah (Creed), Ascent to Felicity (Hanafi Jurisprudence), Tajreed ul Sareeh (Hadith collection by Imam Bukhari), Tafseer ul Quran (Commentary on the Quran)


Click here to download the class schedule:  2022 Sanatain

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